Live Art Speed Date Tokyo was presented part of the British Council’s Connected Showcase, a programme of interactive and intimate theatre from the UK.  This in turn is part of the Tokyo Performing Arts Market.

The Japanese production was handled by the superb Luftzug

Live Art Speed Date Tokyo succeeded in it’s aim of bringing a disparate group of artists together to explore intimacy and the encounter, it catalysed connections and new networks among those artists previously working in isolation.

Date : 1st - 3rd Mar. 2010

Venue : SuperDeluxe

The artists were:

Sawako Nakayasu : Yoko Ishiguro

Nagisa Sugao : sinsen

Michael Renassia : Nicolas Kontos

Tomoko Inamura : Yelena Gulzman

Megane : Taiyo Tochiaki

Misato Echizenya&Yoshi Akafundoshi

Yasufumi Suzuki : uuco Ishiguro

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Live Art Speed Date is an exploration and celebration of intimate exchange between Artist and audience. A diverse selection of innovative performance artists are invited to create and present a four minute one-on-one performance or "date". The audience make their own journey through the dates, with opportunities to interact with each other and walkabout artists. This carefully curated event explores public and private behaviors creating a vibrant fairground of fragmented experiences, pushing the notion of interactive performance and audience/performer collaboration.

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This was the biggest LASD yet with over 40 artists and 150 audience

Tinned Fingers  :  Mamoru Iriguchi   :  Sweet or Sour

Daniel Oliver  :  The Black Courgettes  :  Phil Kaye

Elise Colledge & Theodora van der Beek

Deborah Pearson  :  Mischa Twitchin  :  Greg McLaren

Little Bulb  :  Tom Bell  :  Action Hero  :  Brendan Pickett

Angel Exit :  Eirini Kartsaki  :  Sara Lehn  :  Laura Eades

Steven Darke  :  Tassos Stevens  :  Leo Kay

Glyn Cannon  :  Dr. Brian Kaplan  :  Hephzibah Kaplan

Naomi Lewis  :  Jenny Moule  :  Lucy Ellinson

Gestalt Flash  :  Tania El Kouri  :  Claire Thompson

Jesse Darling  :  Kerstin Bueschges  :  The Readers

Tiffany Carrington  :  Natasha Vicars  :  Eeva-Mari Haikala

All photos ©Gualtiero Fisauli


A perfect LASD.  Great artists, slightly smaller numbers and a vintage venue.


Astrid Breel          Tom Marshman

Alex BradleyMaritea Daehlin

Jim DahlRoxanne P P

Liz ClarkeLeo Kay

Alice EllerbyHazel Hammond

Shi KeAction Hero

Fleur BlancheBilly Cowie

Deborah Pearson        Andy Field

STKFrances McLaren

Sara LehnTinned Fingers

Wiracha DaochaiMax Dovey

Nigel Barret / Louise Mari

Sara Ruff

Bristol Old Vic is a wonderful old theatre and we had some of that city’s finest artists and performers providing brilliant dates, including an audition on the stage itself. 


Live Art Speed Date crystallizes a movement in contemporary British performance - a free-wheeling, wide ranging bashing down of boundaries between forms and practices, a celebration of us all as both artists and audience.   Tim Crouch

Promo video for LASD Tokyo

Live Art Speed Date Fierce, Birmingham